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Termisk are experts in thermal imaging cameras and thermal imaging technology. In certain areas, it is hard to find a company that matches us globally for depth of knowledge and length of experience. We have had the pleasure of using our knowledge in solving important problems in a wide range of businesses.

An expert company
Our primary goal is to provide you with solutions to your specific challenges. This is not unique in itself. What is unique is the fact that we are experts in a technology we have spent decades understanding, developing, refining and applying. By combining our expertise with your domain knowledge and specific challenges, we optimize industrial processes and resource use, help avoid damage, and reduce resource waste your sites. The benefits that we create together often extend to society as a whole.

Radiometric measurement and analysis
The foundation of our solutions lies in our platform, which we have developed and refined over the years to use thermal imaging technology in specific applications for different companies. We have customers in industry, energy companies, research institutes, etc., who in one way or another have had problems that could be solved with thermal imaging technology. Our systems often consist of high-quality thermal cameras, proprietary software and algorithms, and methods that combine to provide solutions to complex problems.

Learning together
To achieve the best possible solution, we need to understand the problem and you, to some extent, need to understand the technology. Therefore, we work with you from idea to implementation and we learn from each other. We get to learn about your challenges and domain, and you get to learn what can be solved with thermal imaging technology. As a result, we can both confidently explore whether or not our systems will be able to solve your problem.

A strong team
Our knowledgeable, highly skilled employees have backgrounds in areas such as research, industry and systems development. Together, we create customized solutions to resolve your problems, all of which are rooted in detecting and analyzing thermographic data using various sensors and software. Our mix of people allows us to meet your needs all along the journey from preliminary study and development to implementation and support with people who understand your reality.

Built on trust
Trust is at the very heart of our business. Our employees carry out their assignment with considerable individual freedom and take responsibility for their time and focus areas. As a company, we meet you and your challenges with a desire to solve what we can in a way that benefits everyone. We have great confidence in our own knowledge and ability to find the right solution with our technology, but we are also realistic enough to be aware of the limitations that exist. We know that the successful outcome of our efforts benefits everyone.

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Fire prevention

Early fire detection can be the difference between a manageable incident and a disaster.

Early Fire Detection

Compared with other detection systems, we can detect temperature anomalies early and base the sensitivity for alarms on radiometric measurements. Using sensors, we measure heat radiation and use the data for analysis and action.

Our fire detection system consists of thermal imaging cameras, visual cameras, and applications with powerful algorithms that reduce the number of false alarms.

The system can also interface with a water cannon that is triggered by the alarm to take early action using coordinates from the visual cameras.

Heating grid diagnostics

A minimal leak in the district heating network can cause several cubic meters of hot water to gush out, resulting in soil erosion and energy loss.

Heating grid diagnostics

Termisk has a proven method for detecting and analyzing leaks using a thermal imaging camera mounted on an aircraft. By flying passes 800 m above the district heating grid, we can find even the smallest leaks.

In addition to collecting high-quality thermographic images, we also have software packages that allow analysis at different levels. Using AI algorithms, we have increased the accuracy of the data and can exclude irrelevant heat sources such as vehicles, ventilation and buildings.

Automation solutions

Increased competetiveness with thermal camera applications and systems for process optimization.

Automation solutions

How competitive you are depends largely on how reliable you are. Our thermal imaging cameras enhance reliability by providing information about temperature or temperature variations in materials, for example. With different applications, we have been able to capture and analyze relevant data to improve production processes.

At AP&T, for instance, we have created a solution that is now an integral part of their pressure hardening product. Our system controls the temperature and position of materials to increase flexibility in production.

Consulting services

With our consulting services we can make sure if and how our knowledge or applications can be a solution for your problem.

Consulting services

Termisk Systemteknik has extensive research experience in IR technology and related areas. We carry out studies and research projects on behalf of, or in collaboration with, universities, industry, institutes and authorities. In addition to our own research-trained staff and lab equipment, we have an extensive network that enables us to resolve a wide array of issues. We are well experienced in both national and international research projects, e.g., in the EU, EDA and NATO, and can also provide support in writing proposals.

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